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Trunk or Treat 2021
Trunk or Treat 2021
Trunk or Treat

Happy New Year 2022!

Covid Check: 

Wearing a mask is your choice.

The Elder’s and Board support those of you who wish to wear a mask and want you to feel as 

comfortable as possible. We recommend everyone to be diligent and wear a mask during transitional times 

(at the beginning and end of church service when we are unable to keep social distances).


Communion will continue to be in self-contained cups on the table.
The Offering plate will also continue to be on the table to be picked up on your way into the sanctuary.

Order your 2021 Nuts/Treats now!!! 

We will not be reordering.  

             Mixed nuts

Annual CWF Nut Sale!

*English Walnuts $9.00    

*Pecan Halves $12.00

*Toffee Covered Peanuts $6.00

*Chocolate Covered Peanuts  $7.50


These have been frozen from last year– limited quantity—PRICE REDUCED!

*Raisin Cranberry Sweet Harvest Mix $5.00   

Call 515-249-9450 to order.

Sheryl Miller is our Parish Nurse. Sheryl is available from 9 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. and 11 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on these Sundays:

January 9

February 13

March 6

April 3

May 15

Parish Nursing started in the mid-1980’s through the efforts of the Dr. Granger Westberg in Chicago. He noted that people in his congregation experienced a faster rate of recovery from hospitalization and illness when the Physician, nurses, social workers and clergy worked together to care for a patient’s body, mind and soul. He observed that nurses, based on their education and compassion toward the suffering and sick, stood as the link between the health care system and local congregation. Rev. Westberg urged area hospitals to launch a program to provide “Parish Nurses” who would reach out into the community to build bridges of healing and hope.


Parish Nursing at Capitol Hill Christian will focus on prevention, spirituality, and emotional health. A Parish nurse does not replace the Public Health Nurse, the Hospice Nurse, your Physician or any other health care provider that currently provides you care.

Some of the responsibilities might include:

· Blood pressure checks                

· Education about medications

· Home visits                                 

· Health education programs

· Emotional and spiritual support activities


Sheryl will have a table in the community area before church.

Stop and get your blood pressure checked, visit about any concerns, make an appointment, or just chat. She will be available to talk to you one Sunday a month to start with and/or by appointment. You may leave a message in the office.


A nurse never considers herself finished—she is learning her entire life.

Sheryl would enjoy learning from you and with you.

There are many challenges ahead so walking side by side helps meet them. 

DMARC Food Pantry

January 23

Collection on the fourth
Sunday of each month.


DMARC Most Needed Items

January 30, 2022

5th Sunday is Hygiene Sunday

Be sure to check out our facebook page for Weekly Sermon and the latest news.

Please contact Pastor Craig with your questions.

Free Library

Coming in 2022 . . . 

Germany Passion Play Opportunity

Pastor Sue and Jerry Woods are organizing a trip to the 2022 Passion Play in Oberammergau, Germany followed by a cruise of the Danube River. If you’ve been waiting to travel again, this is a great opportunity.   


Since 1634, the most famous Passion Play in the World has been presented every 10 years in Oberammergau, Germany, originally created as a response to the Black Plague pandemic. The worldwide Covid-19 virus pandemic of 2020 forced the play organizers to move the production to 2022. This is only the 4th time in almost 400 years that the Play has been postponed.  


The world’s largest dramatic and musical Passion Play fulfills the promise made by the village in 1634, while enriching the faith of theatergoers today. This is a rare second chance for a once in a lifetime trip to beautiful Bavaria, Germany, and Austria, and a cruise of the Danube ending in Budapest.   


Sue and Jerry invite you to join other Disciples from the Upper Midwest Region. Brochures with all the details are available, or you can ask Jerry or Sue about the trip by calling 515-577-4543.

Spreading GOD's

with YOU!

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CHCC at the Iowa State Fair 2017

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Trunk or Treat
Trunk or Treat
Trunk or Treat

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